SME Toolkit


The SME Toolkit is a set of digital and printable resources designed to inform and educate workers and other individuals on the potential health hazards posed by respirable crystalline silica.

The toolkit consists of four resources designed specifically for small & medium enterprises.

Good Practices: A Guide for SMEs

The NEPSI Agreement

The Agreement Guide

NEPSI Good Practices Posters


Good Practices: A Guide for SMEs is an informative document that helps small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in industries that work with materials containing crystalline silica.

The guide helps SME workers understand the potential health effects of respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and introduces the NEPSI Good Practices, which aim to reduce worker exposure to RCS.

Good Practices: A Guide for SMEs is a summary of the NEPSI Good Practice Guide, which provides a more technical and detailed overview of the NEPSI framework set up to protect employees and increase knowledge of the occupational hazards posed by RCS.


The NEPSI Agreement — officially, the ‘Agreement on Workers Health Protection through the Good Handling and Use of Crystalline Silica and Products Containing It’ — is an official document that sets out the terms and conditions for signatories to protect the health of employees and other individuals, reduce occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and increase the knowledge of the potential health effects associated with RCS. The Workers Agreement is part of the European Social Dialogue, which encompasses discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions that involve both employers and workers within different industries that deal with materials containing crystalline silica.


The Agreement Guide is an information leaflet designed for SMEs that provides a brief history of NEPSI — The European Network on Silica — and the purpose and benefits of the NEPSI Workers Agreement. Featured in the guide is an illustrated overview of the NEPSI key performance indicators (KPIs), which are used to measure the progress of workers protection in industries exposed to crystalline silica. The Agreement guide can be viewed online or downloaded for free.


The NEPSI Good Practices Posters are informative, printable resources that help employees reduce their exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in the workplace.

Each poster lists a selection of good practices for a specific task or dust control measure, used to help workers be more conscientious.

Companies, or individuals, can make a formal request to receive a professionally printed A3 poster pack from NEPSI to be placed around the workplace. Alternatively, the posters can be downloaded and printed for free.

The poster pack contains seven posters and one checklist in PDF format, free to download as a bundle or individually.